About WOJ

About WOJ

WOJ Advisors offers a wide range of business solutions, both onshore and offshore. We operate our network of fully-integrated fund and consulting services in many of the world’s popular jurisdictions including, Hong Kong, the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Panama, Geneva, Luxembourg London, Cyprus, Singapore, New York and many others.  Additionally, over decades, we have developed professional relationships with leading wealth managers, company agents, accountants and law firms around the world.  This network of offices and array of professional relationships enable us to serve clients in over 100 countries.

At WOJ Advisors we offer you a wide range of business solutions, both onshore and offshore, including:

  1. Company, foundation and trust formation services
  2. Director and trustee services
  3. Registered agent and registered address services
  4. Document preparation and filings
  5. Record searches and document retrievals
  6. Real estate and hi-tech consultation
  7. Offshore funds structuring
  8. Offering circular and offering memorandum drafting
  9. Information memorandum drafting
  10. Broker Dealer assistance
  11. Hedge fund and mutual fund and specialty fund setup
  12. And a variety of office support and other ancillary services, in key offshore jurisdictions.

WOJ provides offshore solutions to professional intermediaries and business organizations worldwide and caters to high net worth individuals and their families. Our headquarter are in London, with satellite offices in Hong Kong, New York and other international hubs.

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