Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting

WOJ Advisors provides fund accounting for a variety of needs. Our accounting services include tax reporting, which assists with organizing your fund’s financial information. This gives your fund the ability to focus on the micro and macro aspects of the business and gain a competitive edge. WOJ has solid and long established relationships with industry leaders. This assists ou clients who need accurate and up to date information, fast.  WOJ can use this data for  internal records to calculate management fees, as well as ascertain loss carry forwards, and incentive allocations. These will need to be in accordance with the terms of the fund offering memorandum and other documents (for GAAP). WOJ specializes in the fund industry wordlewide, which grants us extensive insight for funds seeking to launch, or for established funds seeking to expand.

WOJ Fund Services provides cost-effective fund accounting services, including:

    • Maintenance of your general ledger and investor information
    • Calculation of NAV including full accruals for operating expenses and incentives
    • Unitized values or capital accounts for each investor
    • Multi-currency capability
    • Customizable investor statements with optional consolidation of multiple funds on a single page
    • Wash sale analysis and hot issue segregation
    • Performance calculations for a single investment or groups of investments
    • Internet access to investor statements
    • Ability to reopen books at any time to account for new data
    • Ability to work openly with independent auditors and tax preparers
    • Calculation of complex fee structures including hurdle rates or triggers
    • Variable fee structures by client
    • Determination of periodic distributions to shareholders
    • Ability to process multiple share classes and master feeder structures
    • Segregation of investors by tax status
    • Electronic interfaces with prime brokers or other counter parties
WOJ fund accounting services provide your fund with independent third party verification and reassurance to your investor.

Management Company Accounting

WOJ can maintain the financial accounting records of the fund’s management company on a monthly basis. WOJ can create a comprehensive set of financial statements each month including an Income Statement and Balance Sheet. Fees for Management Company Accounting, however, must be paid for by the manager and not the fund itself.

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