WOJ can assist with your technology needs.

Online Reporting to Investors

WOJ Advisors can assist your fund with investor contact and communication by placing reports online. Additionally, we can see to it that investors receive reports via email. Lastly, by utilizing our partnership with  many online companies and websites such as Bloomberg or, we can interface with reports, and get up to date information and data. This allows for the viewing of current and previous reports. All of this technology we have in place assist in speeding up communication and minimizing errors.

Fund Accounting System

WOJ has a solid grasp for fund accounting. Ranging from general ledger transactions to reconciliation, WOJ accommodates all aspects of fund portfolio management, especially for hedge funds. WOJ and its partners employ a fully-integrated general ledger fund accounting system. This gives firms needed strength by giving them accurate of information, as well transparency into data and holdings. This also helps with intuitive needs to adapt or modify trading styles and strategies. WOJ’s methodology caters to the distinct requirements of the various fund types found worldwide, including offshore funds, onshore funds, fund of funds, managed account, private equity funds and more.

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