Hedge Fund Services

Hedge Fund Services

WOJ provides a vast array of hedge fund services. Our staff provides a thorough and integrated hedge fund platform for hedge funds seeking a strategic partner either for onshore and offshore hedge funds. By utilizing WOJ’s platform, our team can ensure your fund is both managed and controlled correct, all the while assisting you with your fund’s growth and sustainability.

WOJ In-Depth Solutions

Some of WOJ’s hedge fund services are listed below:

  • Corporate secretarial
  • Fund setup and structure
  • Corporate resolutions
  • Custody
  • Foreign exchange
  • Fund accounting and administration
  • Fund compliance
  • Fund offering memorandum drafting
  • Fund conversion
  • Investor services
  • Broker and broker dealer services
  • Middle office services
  • Share class hedging
  • Share class creation
  • Side pocket accounting
  • Tax services
  • Stock Exchange Listing
  • Selling fund

WOJ’s Risk Mitigation

WOJ’s risk mitigation services assists hedge funds with:

  • Enhance fund transparency and exposure
  • Manage operational and regulatory risks
  • Adapt to evolving operational and regulatory and general market conditions

WOJ’s Global Reach

WOJ has a presence in many of the world’s most popular business hubs, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, BVI, Cayman Islands and many others. Our view of the business and fund environment is second to none. We help our clients with;

  • Work with our dedicated hedge fund team and partners worldwide
  • Assist with investment strategies and implementation
  • Help our clients grow by recommending partners via our network

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