Fund Services

General Operations

WOJ will provide ongoing advice and consultation services on general operational and administrative questions specific to your fund’s needs and also has the tools and expertise to assist in the formation of new funds. Our principals and staff have an extensive network of industry contacts and a broad range of experience in all phases of fund setup and management including operations, administration, marketing, and compliance.

Processing of Subscriptions and Redemptions

WOJ will perform the full spectrum of services necessary to process investor subscriptions and redemptions, which includes: the review of all subscriptions, establishing initial contact with investors, collecting additional information not gathered from subscription documents, establishing the proper tax classification of new investors, verifying the eligibility and authenticity of redemption requests, and calculating distribution amounts.

ERISA Tracking

Because funds that have more than 25% of their capital from investors covered under ERISA are subject to increased regulation and liability, WOJ tracks the percentage of capital owned by such investors to enable the fund to avoid exceeding this limit as the result of either additions or withdrawals.

Other Customized Services

WOJ can develop and provide other products and services on a customized basis to meet whatever needs your hedge fund might require.