Investment Accounting

Investment Accounting

WOJ can assist with your investment accounting needs. WOJ has accounting experience with a variety of financial instruments, including:

    • equities
    • options
    • corporate bonds
    • US and non US governments
    • repos
    • futures and futures options
    • foreign exchange trading
    • cash contracts
    • derivatives and derivative options

WOJ’s experience extends to working with funds of funds managers. This includes valuing and/or reconciling derivative options used for obtaining leverage.
Fund managers needs this information to ascertain how exactly investment transactions are entered into the fund’s accounting system. These transactions can be entered using an aggregate basis  and this can be utilized on an individual basis, or with a combination both. Reach out to WOJ for a free consultation.

We produce a variety of investment reports including the following:

    • Position Listing
    • Closed Position Report
    • Performance Reports (with varying levels of detail)
    • Transaction Ledger

These investment reports are generated on a master fund level but still maintains the ability to provide customized reports if need be.

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