Offshore Fund Administration

Offshore Fund Administration

WOJ offers offshore fund administration 
assistance for a variety of funds.  WOJ can provide fund administration services either directly or in conjunction with offshore fund administration firms based virtually anywhere worldwide.

Costs can often be prohibitive or over-burdensome to maintain proper fund administrative books. This is where WOJ can add great value by proving offshore admissions services, which is epically beneficial to a master feeder structure or a domestic fund. We help reduce costs and add efficiency to your fund.

WOJ has strategic relationships with offshore fund administrators as well. WOJ can provide a solid corporate administration services to offshore funds. In this scenario, WOJ would ensure all fund accounting services are up to date, while the offshore administrator would ensure the needed services are handled offshore correctly.

Offshore administration services can include:

    • Fund Setup
    • Registered Office
    • Registrar and Transfer Agent
    • Director Services
    • Corporate Secretarial Services
    • Banking Services

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