Investor Accounting

Accurate and timely investor reporting is a crucial ingredient in an advisor’s ability to raise and retain capital for the fund in question. The accounting involved in providing investors with an accurate calculation of fees and the allocation of income and expenses is often a complex task. The hedge funds structure alone makes this task even more difficult, and this process is too important to the success of the fund that it would be unwise not to outsource. WOJ Fund Services have the resources to assure accurate, timely reports by experienced professionals. WOJ has a fully-integrated fund accounting system that is programmed to automatically allocate income and expenses specified to each individual investors needs, all while staying aligned with the terms of each fund’s offering documents and generally accepted accounting principles.
WOJ Funds provides accommodations to all types of needs, such as:

    • Funds with capital accounts
    • Unitized fund structures
    • Side pockets
    • Multiple classes
    • Hurdle rates
    • Fee exceptions for individual investors

Statements that need to be customized with regard to formatting, level of detail, or any other cosmetic item will be readily available to individual investors.