Services for Startups

Services for Startup Funds

WOJ understands entrepreneurs, well, because WOJ’s staff is primary made up of entrepreneurs. We can assist funds or companies get off the ground in a smooth, transitional manner. We can also do this by saving you time and needed capital and overhead expenses, many of which can stagnate a business in its early days. We offer a full service start-up package all in-house, without having to outsource.

WOJ’s staff understands the everyday needs of the start up company and we tailor our services to your needs. WOJ offers a full suite of consulting services with assistance nearly around the clock for our clients. Although WOJ’s staff does not provide legal or tax advice unless its from one of our licensed attorneys, our extensive world-business experience will guide you along the way, saving time and needed funds.

WOJ has a solid knowledge of the industry and many established contacts worldwide that can help your service needs. This includes investor and broker dealer contacts, prime brokers and investment, custodian banks, banks for clearing and settling, attorneys and auditors and more, encompassing the everyday company start up to mutual and hedge funds. WOJ can also create marketing data and refer you to web designers and more.

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