Offering Memorandum

Offering Memorandum

A offering memorandum is most commonly used for companies seeking capital. Along with a business plan a private placement memorandum is arguably the second most important document for entrepreneurs.

WOJ is the premier global  firm specializing in private placement services, which includes private placement memorandum offering writing and more. For virtually all entrepreneurs, the most efficient mechanism to procure equity financing under an exemption is through the use of Reg S, 144A or Regulation D (Reg D), which is a limited offer and sale of their company’s stock, or securities, without registration under the Federal Securities Act of 1933. A positive outcome by complying with any rules is that it provides the company’s officers and directors an insurance policy of sorts regarding disclosure. WOJ develops professional, investor ready offering memorandums and information memorandums.

Information Memorandum

If your company is in need of an information memorandum just let us know. WOJ assists in drafting information memorandums for many companies worldwide, including Hong Kong and China, Singapore and Japan, and the Cayman BVI areas and many more.

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