Investor Relations

Investor Relations

WOJ can assist with your investor needs.

Processing of Subscriptions and Redemptions

WOJ can handle all of your subscription and redemption needs. When your fund or company is seeking to raise capital and needs a seasoned firm to assist with the subscription process WOJ’s staff is second to none. We will obtain and file all necessary subscription agreements and files. In addition, for funds, those in need of redemption can be handled by WOJ as well, including tax issues, receipts,  and of course eligibility in regards to redemption.

Communication with Investors

WOJ can commentated with investors on your behalf, which can include negotiations and ‘closing the deal’ on your behalf.

Distribution of Tracking and Offering Documents

WOJ will ensure that your offering memorandum and offering documents are accurate and that they are distributed and tracked to potential investors, while maintaining compliance.

Broker Dealers

WOJ can assist you with finding a broker dealer or investment bank or underwriter for your equity or debt offerings. WOJ has over 50,000 broker dealers in its network worldwide, spanning more than 30 countries.

Accredited Investors and Institutional Investors

WOJ has relationship with both accredited investors institutional investors, spanning the venture capital, private equity, family office, banks and many more.

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