Malta Fund

Malta Fund

WOJ can assist with your Malta fund, from setup to launch. Malta is an EU domicile and allows various types of structures for funds to choose from. This includes funds for experience investors and for retail investors. Such diversity has added prestige to the Malta fund structure. There are essentially three types of fund structures, or better, three types of funds that investors of varying degrees can invest:

• Experienced Investors           Min investment amount               € 10,000
• Qualified Investors                 Min investment amount               € 75,000
• Extraordinary Investors        Min investment amount               € 750,000

The Gibraltar fund regime has similar characteristics as the Malta’s “Experienced Investor” and the “Qualified Investor”. However, Malta’s fund structures are more flexible in regards to the investment amount, that being the lower investment limit.

If you need assistance with forming or launching a Malta fund feel free to reach out to a WOJ representative today.

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