Hong Kong Fund

Hong Kong Fund

WOJ Advisors can assist with your Hong Kong fund setup and administration or administrative needs. Setting up an investment fund, hedge fund, private equity fund or unit trust in Hong Kong is a popular choice for many worldwide. Hong Kong boasts the following:

*Old and well established economic center
*Global choice for many international companies’ headquarters.
*Close proximity and economic ties with Mainland China
*Legal and regulatory system well established
*Financial and legal talent personnel in abundance
*Cash positive and liquid market

Hong Kong is a developed financial market that is situation – and provides – access to mainland China and India. Many funds such as private equity (PE) funds are managed from Hong Kong, but are setup as an offshore entity, such as in the Cayman Islands, even though the fund’s management resides in Hong Kong. This is common for hedge funds and unit trusts as well. To navigate the intricate rules and details of Hong Kong based funds can be exhausting. Which is where WOJ can play a prominent role in your decision process as to where to establish a fund such as in Hong Kong, or where to manage the fund, which may be somewhere else.

WOJ provides its clients some of the following services for its Hong Kong based clients, including, but not limited to:

*Fund setup and creation
*Registrar and transfer agency services
*Fund legal work, such as partnership agreements
*Fund offering memorandum or information memorandum
*Hedge fund, unit trust and private equity fund assistance
*Accounting for the fund
*Anti-Money Laundering
*General corporate services and administration
*General legal work and more.

If you are in the process or thinking of creating a Hong Kong fund or an offshore fund that is managed and operated from Hong Kong and need any related fund services, feel free to reach out to WOJ today.

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