Seychelles Fund

Seychelles Fund

WOJ can assist with creating and administering your Seychelles hedge fund or mutual fund. The Seychelles, or The Republic of Seychelles, is located in the Indian Ocean and consists of over 115 islands. The Seychelles are a popular choice for many to setup and operate their fund as the Island archipelago has a solid central government, taxes are low, and bureaucratic tape is at a minimum. This all contributes to the ease of choice of many setting up a Seychelles fund.

An additional benefit of opening a fund in Seychelles is that “Seychelles Mutual Fund & Hedge Fund Act”, which offers a solid tax effective structure for fund businesses.

Our Seychelles mutual fund features may include:

**Seychelles fund setup

**Seychelles fund administration and tax service.

**Seychelles funds are exempted from paying taxes on the fund’s total income as well as exempt from holding tax and stamp duty.

**Creation of a Seychelles mutual fund Umbrella fund.

**Creation of fund documents, including operating agreement, offering memorandum and more.

**There is a plethora of fund vehicles and options to choose from, including setting up an IBC (International Business Company, CSL (Special License Company), Trust, and PCC (Protected Cell Company), all of which WOJ can assist with.

**Fund administrator: a mutual fund domiciled in Seychelles can be administered either in Seychelles by a Seychelles Licensed fund administrator or from outside Seychelles by approved foreign administrator.

**Audited Account: accounts for mutual funds can be prepared outside of Seychelles and audited by approved overseas auditors.

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