Singapore Fund

Singapore Fund

WOJ Advisors can assist with creating your Singapore fund. Recognized as a center for business worldwide, Singapore boasts many reasons why its strong locality to create a fund. Singapore is one of the top destinations anywhere for hedge funds, mutual funds and other specialty funds setup. The country has a strong central government, the judicial and political bodies of Singapore are strong, and the country has one of the highest concentration of wealth per capita in the world.

Fund Administration

WOJ can assist with your Singapore fund’s administration needs. This includes assisting with setting up the Singapore fund itself, including but not limited to:

**Fund structure and creation
**The legal structure
**The tax Structure
**Incorporation if the fund
**Fund partnership agreements
**Licensing needs
**Regulatory compliant
**Open fund accounts
**Research and trade
**Due diligence, both for fund employees and outside firms
**Appointment of needed service providers
**Compliance manual creation
**Internal risk management solutions

To create a Singapore fund, or for general inquiries related to Singapore fund setup or administration contact WOJ.

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