Information Memorandum

Information Memorandum

WOJ Advisors writes and drafts information memorandums for companies worldwide. An information memorandum, or IM, is typically used and given to investors once they have had a chance view a company’s other documents, such as a business plan, term sheets, or other offering documents. Usually an information memorandum is given to sophisticated investors who already understand the possibilities and risks of the venture. Typically, retail investors must be given adequate securities disclaimers from those seeking capital, yet for sophisticated investors this may not be needed. An information memo may or may not contain such risks and disclosures.

The information memorandum is used to solicit and market to investors, and therefore should contain risks factors and much more. A company’s business team, legal counsel, consultants and others often each partake in the effort of writing an information memorandum. WOJ can assist with the writing of one’s IM. Companies based in Asia, such as in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand and other Asian nations often write information memorandums as opposed to an offering memorandum. Companies based in Europe and Australia, South America and other places also create IM’s, but certainly in Asia and South America information memorandums are the desired document of choice.

An information memorandum is often considered a confidential document (hence “CIM)”, or Confidential Information Memorandum)). Typically mergers and acquisitions firs or investment banks or broker dealers utilize information memoranda when seeking to raise capital. Sometimes, a confidential information memorandum is referred to as a ‘book’. The length of the information memorandum is traditionally longer than that of a prospectus or offering memorandum.

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