Private Equity Funds

Private Equity Funds

WOJ assists private equity funds worldwide. WOJ’s team consists of private equity investors and our network within the private equity investor sphere is substantial. We can provide full outsourced solutions for private equity funds, which includes such PE funds as real estate, venture capital, buyout, investment and many other private equity structures. WOJ’s staff understands the global private equity environment and can recommend and consult on a vast array of private equity structures and deals. We bring on staff that will assist your fund grow.

Private equity capital – or just ‘equity capital – reaches a diverse set of investors. Ranging for investing directly into companies that need capital or for such investors that seek to buyout public companies that is not a market that is trade able that private equity is not part of. Both retail an institutional investors put money into private equity, which can then be used by the company to expand operations or simply increase the strength of its company.

Accredited Investors and Institutional Investors

The bulk of the private equity world see two main investor groups: accredited investors, who must meet a certain income threshold to be called by such a name, and institutional investors, both of which must infuse large investments into a fund or company with a long term view. That is, private equity is not an overnight gain, but a long term investment that can be illiquid for years. Many who invest in private equity would like nothing more than their investment companies to conduct an initial public offering where investors can then cash out.

Working WOJ’s private equity team will allow you access to seasoned industry¬† professional with highly sophisticated technology platform. Contact WOJ today for a private equity consultation.

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